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Yoga Bliss Teacher Training


Yoga Bliss Lembongan has been awarded best teacher training in Bali since 2017. As a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, Yoga Bliss yoga teacher trainings go far beyond the minimal requirement to become a certified yoga teacher. The 200-hour yoga teacher training was created for anyone that wishes to develop their yoga practice and perhaps become a certified yoga teacher. You can now become a 200 hour yoga teacher by following this in-person course. Our yoga teacher training programs are yoga alliance certified.

The teachers are incredible at what they do. They gave me a whole new understanding of yoga and my personal practise, which I’ll be forever grateful for. The yoga teacher training program, the shala, the food and the homestay was all in high standard, and I couldn’t have asked for more. I feel ready to embrace my future as a certified yoga teacher with the new tools this yoga teacher training has given me. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. I would do it all over again at any time.

Best decision ever made.


I wholeheartedly recommend this yoga teacher training to anyone who is either wanting to deepen their practice or become a certified Yoga teacher. The content and schedule of the course exceeded expectations.

The food was incredible (breakfast was my favourite – smoothie bowls and fresh fruit juices), and the teacher really goes out of her way to make sure you’re not only having a great experience, but also that you’re getting what you want from the teacher training. Beyond the course, a snorkelling excursion and massage were included which were both fantastic experiences.

A truly amazing lifetime experience


I have done several yoga teacher training before in different lineages, but this one by far is the most informed, content packed one yet!
I was surprised by the level of content and knowledge given throughout this yoga alliance certified yoga teacher training. The Ashtanga teacher is an extremely competent and knowledgable teacher, I learnt so much from her, I’m very happy with the course. The structure of this 200 hour yoga teacher training is perfect, the shala is beautiful, the food in green garden is amazing, along with the staff. I really could not of wished for a better yoga teacher training
Loved the mix of yin and yang and feel fully ready to teach now. Best registered yoga school yet! Thank you to both incredible teachers! And of course everyone at green garden for this amazing 200-hour teacher training.
It was a pleasure!


I took part at Yoga Bliss’ yoga teacher training at Lembongan this year!
Best choice ever!
The teachers taught as everything we wanted to know about Yin & Yang practice. Philosophy and Anatomy were absolutely interesting and they made it easy for everyone to follow, without making any shortcuts.
We also learned different Pranayama and Meditation techniques and involved them more and more in our daily practice, everyone in his/her own tempo and knowledge.
Food was healthy, delicious and local, you can choose your own option, vegan, veggie or meat. Over all I had an amazing time, met amazing people and would do it absolutely again!
Thanks again for this great yoga teacher training! Namaste!


I did a 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Bliss. The location is amazing and hidden in a tiny banana tree jungle, away from the main road, a 10 mn walk to the beach. Friendly and attentive staff at the Green Garden Restaurant (family owned), yummy food & drinks. Attending a yoga teacher training was one of the best decision I’ve taken. Even if you don’t wish to teach after it and gain a yoga instructor certification, the amazing teachers will share their knowledge, stories with passion and help you on your spiritual journey. I highly recommend this place on beautiful, still quiet Nusa Lembongan Island.


Would recommend 11/10!
That’s right. Not just 10/10 or 5 stars (circles??). That’s how much you should do this yoga teacher training! After waffling a bit among a few yoga teacher training course on the island, I chose Yoga Bliss because of good reviews and value. Yoga Bliss surpasses many of the standards set by Yoga Alliance.
Having completed the yoga teacher training this past September, I am so happy with my decision! From Day 1, you can see how much effort has been put into the course and how well organized it is. The teachers have a manual/handbook, projector, and whiteboard to anticipate all the different ways students may benefit from seeing the material. Organized doesn’t mean rigid or robotic- The teachers are willing to meet you where you’re at and adjust the teaching schedule accordingly (i.e. we were at half-primary instead of full ). They have high expectations and for me, it conveyed their passion and seriousness in their role. 


What an amazing experience! It was super intense, but so worth it and I’m so happy to have chosen this yoga teacher training.
TEACHERS: The Ashtanga teacher has a lot of knowledge and is a strict and honest teacher, which is perfect for Ashtanga. Our Yin teacher is heartwarming and amazing, I didn’t think Yin and philosophy would be my favourite but it turned out to be so interesting! I love them both and I am beyond happy that they were my teachers.
FOOD: The meals at Green Garden were nice and healthy. After a while you get a little bored with the menu, but it’s okay and after one dinner at a different place I was looking forward to my usual smoothie bowl and Tempe Satay 
SHALA: beautiful place! Simple but you don’t need more. My travel mat was fine and they have mosquito spray (natural), so this combined with my DEET spray saved me! Still got some bites, but with tigerbalm you don’t feel itchy!


Every year for the past few years, I’ve followed a YTTC somewhere abroad. Some are good, some are less good :-).
This year in July I participated in the YOGA BLISS 200 hour yoga teacher trainings. I choose this one, because everything was included: homestay, food (which was the best on the island) and training. But I got so much more than I expected. The yoga bliss TTC is by far the best yoga teacher trainings I’ve followed so far and is yoga alliance certified!!
The teachers are very skilled and passionate about what they teach. They are two very real, authentic people, who are living their mission. And that is why this TTC is an absolute must do if you want to integrate yoga in your daily life. The teachers are such good teachers because they walk their talk. They will tell you all about yoga, but more important, you can see and feel what they are telling you. 


I did the Sept 2017 YTTC. The Ashtanga teacher is the don of ashtanga, I love her! She gives it to you straight and is dedicated to creating solid teachers, which means she does give you some hard truths at times. I value this as I want to be able to represent ashtanga and yoga in general as a legitimate practitioner, especially as some courses seem to just give away the teacher training certification. She has a great cheeky sense of humour as she teaches and we all improved a lot. She taught an amazing anatomy course which she made funny and super interesting as it was yoga-specific. We had lots of teaching time (leading the morning practice and in the asana and yin labs) which meant we left feeling confident we could teach.
As a dance teacher it also helped me feel confident on my feet when teaching a new ballet class as I’d had so much teaching practice.


I learned so much in this yoga alliance certified teacher training and loved every minute of it. It is as you may expect pretty intense, but to me it was actually liberating to just focus on one single thing for three weeks. Such a good and rewarding experience.
Teachers are great, and the restaurant and shala nice! Food is good and healthy and the staff very friendly.
I would recommend staying in the rooms of Yoga bliss, they are really nice.
One of the best experiences in my life! Thank you !!!


This teacher training certification was such an amazing experience and truly surpassed my expectations. The day was split between yang style in the morning and yin in the afternoon which I found to be a perfect balance. The schedule is intense compared to an online yoga teacher  course as it sums up to 12 hours of training a day and one day off a week, so if you plan to visit the island a bit, i would recommend coming a few days early or leaving a few days later after the yoga teacher training has ended.
The teachers were excellent. The Ashtanga teacher is very knowledgeable in ashtanga which she gained from Mysore. The philosophy and Yin teacher is wonderful and would engage with us on various topics leading to interesting discussions.


Incredible journey, deepening my spirituality.
This 200 hour yoga alliance teacher trainings was incredibly designed. The teachers were life changing spiritual teachers, who both gave me a fresh perspective on, of course, teaching yoga, but also my spirituality, daily practice, and…. well… my entire life!
One teacher gave us very practical, detailed, straight forward techniques on how to properly practice AND teach. I feel completely ready, after taking this course to teach yoga to a group class. However, I did prep for this course three months in advanced.
The biggest lesson one teacher taught me was as a yoga teacher is you can’t give away what you don’t have AKA you need to have a daily practice in order to teach yoga. This yoga alliance teacher training opportunity gave me the perfect place to deepen my own practice, and learn about my body, mind and spirit in the process, so i can help others on their spiritual path.


Yoga bliss yoga alliance teacher training was the best decision for me. The balance of yang and yin yoga just works so perfectly. You are really given two sides to yoga, two different paths and outlooks on yoga. Which I think is amazing for your first teacher training if you are unsure which path you wish to take or where you stand. Both teachers are so helpful, informative, passionate and easy going, which really makes the three weeks a bit easier. It is definitely an intensive training though, so be prepared for that. My experience at yoga bliss truly helped me find my path as a yogi and pushed me in the direction i need to go. The teachers gave me the knowledge, confidence and encouragement I really needed to send me on my path! I can’t wait to come back for a class.
Thank you Yoga Bliss!


The teachers set up a 200-hour yoga teacher training program which was really solid, yoga alliance certified, interesting, full of emotions, in a paradise place. I would definitely recommend doing your teacher trainings with these guys. They were sharing with us without counting, with all their heart.
Thank you so much for that and I wish many more yogi will come and share that experience with them.
If you are there for a short period, try the yoga classes at the shala as well and end it with a dragond fruit broccoli juice… mmhhh!


Excellent yoga alliance teacher training course!
The course structure, the teachers, the location and the accommodation – it was all perfect!


They call them Yin and Yang, cause they are so perfect together that shouldn’t be compared to anything else. You learn how to teach, but most important, you learn how to face life. They create a safe environment for you to grow, to experiment with your mind and body, to explore your limits, to free your emotions, to fully absorb the knowledge, to feel confident in front of a class and to truly listen to your inner-self. You become a family with every single one sharing the experience and you wish you could stay in that bubble forever! But life goes on, and you finally understand YOGA 


I felt compelled to write an honest recommendation for those wanting a legitimate Yoga Teacher Training in the styles of Yin & Yang Yoga. Your teachers at Yoga Bliss Lembongan, who share the load of teaching Anatomy, Adjustments, Pranayama, Meditation and Philosophy, are two of the most genuine, knowledgeable, skilful, empowered women I have ever met. I honestly feel so blessed and humbled to have undertaken this training under their guidance.
I personally have travelled to Rishikesh, India and completed a Hatha Yoga 200hrYTTC 2 years prior to this and although it was an incredible experience, I really did not feel ready to go straight into teaching after the course and ready to be a yoga instructor. I was pleasantly surprised with the structure of the course offered at Yoga Bliss Lembongan and the content covered, as it truly sets you up with the teaching skills and knowledge to be able to walk out of the course and into being the teacher in your own classroom. If this is what you’re after, do this course.


My Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Bliss was great! It was physically demanding and challenged me each day but I think that gives the course credibility. I was able to learn a lot from both instructors. They were really cool, down-to-earth people who genuinely want to see their students succeed and become yoga instructor. The accommodations were nice as well. I had a room to myself which had a queen-sized bed, air-conditioning, and was located within close walking distance of Yoga Bliss.


I finished my 200H TTC at Yoga Bliss last winter. It has been an amazing, life changing experience. A true journey into knowing myself. The course is well structured and both teachers are wonderful people and great teachers.
The course is very intense so be prepared for a challenge, on both physical and mental level. I strongly recommend a solid practice prior to the course as well as clear commitment to take the effort. TTC is not a yoga retreat but a hard work, which fruits you may first see long time after arriving home. The school itself is placed in a gorgeous and peaceful Lembongan.
I highly recommend Yoga Bliss to anyone who wants to become a yoga instructor, do a yoga teacher training course or simply take a couple of yoga classes!


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