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Advanced yoga teacher training


Have you completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and are now looking to expand your yogic knowledge and teaching skills?

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent daily practice and/or are finding stagnancy in your personal practice?

Are you unsure of how to stand out as a yoga teacher or how to develop and grow your dedicated student base?

Would you like to feel more confident in your hands-on adjustments and anatomy knowledge?

Perhaps you simply want to come back to the reason that you decided to teach in the first place, to connect with your core values and wisdom so that you may find your own authentic way of sharing this life-changing practice.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are exactly where you need to be.

Join our immensely knowledgeable, dedicated teachers on an incredible journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.

This training is limited to 16 students.


March 2nd to 28th, 2025

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Price: USD 3000

(course only without food and accommodation)

This Yoga Alliance registered 300-hour certification course is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of what it means to live your life through yoga. You will gain unparalleled skills as a teacher as you uncover your svadharma, your unique path or purpose as it relates to your yoga teaching, and embody what it means to teach authentically. Discover and hone your very own teaching style, regardless of what yoga style(s) you have previously trained in. 

Your 29-day journey with Yoga Bliss goes well beyond the Yoga Alliance standards in order to transform your practice and teaching. With a major focus on mastering your personal practice as it pertains to you, everything about this course is designed to help each individual student succeed. Yoga Bliss is committed to making education in yoga accessible to everyone; as such, this 300-hour course is one of the most affordable courses in Bali, while still maintaining top-quality education and teachers.

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30h Online Yoga Anatomy Training For FREE

  • Find mastery in your personal practice, in asana and beyond 
  • Explore advanced asanas such as arm balances and inversions, as well as more complex transitions
  • Through an anatomical lens, discover what is limiting you from progressing further in a particular asana
  • Understand pain and expand your knowledge on the most common injuries your yoga students might have and how to adapt your class and sequence to those.
  • Develop advance knowledge in anatomy that will give you more confidence in your teaching 
  • Learn the science of sequencing and how to create sequences that are intelligent, unique, and offer transformational potential
  • Build or enhance your daily practice of pranayama and meditation
  • Review key concept of Yoga philosophy and traditional yogic texts

Week 1 – Refinement

  • Learn advanced sequencing skills
  • Master how to read bodies and understand what limitations might be present 
  • Become confident in providing both verbal and hands-on adjustments 
  • Practice your sequencing skills and cueing skills in fun ways to gain more confidence in yourself as a yoga teacher and become more adaptable to teach in many different environments.
  • Understand in depth what chakras are and how to include this knowledge in your practice and in your yoga classes
  • Discover key concepts of yoga philosophy (samskara, Tri Sharir and Pancha Kosha) and how to apply them into your life and practice.
  • Practice and learn more about yoga nidra. 

Week 2 – Expansion 

  • Teach, observe and/or assist in a full-length asana class
  • Gain confidence in guiding others through pranayama and meditation
  • Understand how to sequence and teach yoga for each trimester of pregnancy and postnatal for core recovery
  • Utilize various mudras and learned their benefits and when to incorporate them into their class
  • Explore Yoga Biomechanics and understand whether or not there are poses that are inherently dangerous 
  • Obtain new sources of inspiration for their personal practice and their teaching
  • Uncover who they are as a teacher and learned the importance of teaching from a place of authenticity
  • Learn the significance of adaptability and gained confidence in completely altering your class plan as circumstances require

Week 3 – Implementation

  • Discover how to stand out as a yoga teacher
  • Understand how to create a workshop and present one during the training
  • Learn what it takes to develop a dedicated student base 
  • Uncover your predominant dosha and learn techniques to maintain or find balance
  • A better understanding of how to market yourself and your offerings and what it is that most studios look for when hiring a teacher
  • Know how to plan a workshop and a yoga retreat and how to market it
  • Understand how to teach private yoga classes and how to increase the number of 1:1 students you have
  • Lead yoga nidra classes

Week 4 – Specialization




Graduates of any 200-hour yoga teacher training

Those who wish to deepen their personal practice and expand their teaching skills

Those attempting to master the art of both verbal and hands-on adjustments

Those looking to gain an in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy 

Those who feel they completed a TTC with still so much left to learn

Those who truly believe that yoga can be used to change the world!

Yoga Teacher - 300h YTT October 2022

Eva Brandstätter

      The curriculum is one of a kind, I like that there are so many topics which all connect to teaching yoga and I feel that I have learned a lot! The mixture of the teachers is unique and I am happy to learn from all three of them with their own point of view and specialization.     

Yoga Teacher - 300h YTT October 2022

Janina Pesara

I am very happy with this training as it really focuses on the teaching aspect and you feel much more confident about your teaching than after a 200h training.     

Yoga Teacher - 300h YTT October 2022

Lara Stone

 It's an absolute paradise location to learn yoga. Hosted by three amazing, knowledgeable women who are fun and supportive. You learn so much over the four weeks it does feel like a transformation by the end. I was able to face my fears and overcome them.     

500h Yoga Teacher

Cathrin Schmitz-Dräger

The training is done very professionally. Gwen, Lisa, and Mel are very experienced teachers, with different perspectives and strengths, perfectly complementing each other. You can really feel their passion about teaching yoga, them really trying to share as much knowledge as possible. It is a very nice balance of theory-based but also applied learning, for which I learnt so much in this training and am very happy I got to do it. I definitely feel so much more confident about teaching classes now, while also having advanced my personal practice quite a bit.     

Price: USD 3000

(course only without food and accommodation)

We reinvest 6% of the price of your Yoga Teacher Training into various projects such as School development, Bottle for Botol, Trash Hero Lembongan, Lembongan Cleaning, Marine Megafauna Foundation, Paws of Lembongan and others, supporting the local community and protecting the natural environment of Nusa Lembongan. More informations here


  • Yoga Teacher Training Course 

  • 6% of the total price redirected to fund environmental and community projects

  • 1 hour Balinese massage at our partner Spa Centre

  • 1 Trash Hero Stainless steel bottle

  • Yoga Bliss YTTC Manual 

  • 30h Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Yoga Bliss Tote bag to reduce use of single use plastic

  • 1 snorkelling trip to maybe see some Manta Rays

  • Free coffee, tea and water all day

Contact us directly for the food or accommodation options


(subject to change)

7.00 to 8.15   Morning practice

8.15 to 9.30 Breakfast

9.30 to 12.30 Lecture/Asana Lab

12.30 to 14.00 Lunch break

14.00 to 18.00  Lecture/Asana Lab

18.00 to 19.30 Evening Meditation or Philosophy (3 nights per week only)


This course will be held at Yoga Bliss Lembongan, located on Nusa Lembongan island, 30 minutes away from Bali by boat. As a lot of travellers say Lembongan is similar to what Bali used to be 20 years ago. White sandy beach, blue clear water, quiet and a perfect spiritual place. This island paradise begin to be a must to visit from Bali away from the traffic jam or the hawkers. A perfect place to relax, where the only things to do are diving, snorkelling, surfing, sunbathing and of course yoga.


Yoga Bliss is in the heart of Nusa Lembongan close to all commodities. The beach is only 5 minutes walk away, but as you will see everything is really close on the island as its size is approximately 7km². 

We have two beautiful shala:  one indoor shala with air conditioning and an equipment room (for our mountain of props) and an open air shala equipped with props and fan to enjoy the wind.


All the rooms at Green Garden Bungalows are on site and offer:

– Access to the swimming-pool
– Private terrace
– Private semi-outdoor bathroom with garden and hot water
- Air conditioning, mosquito net, WIFI, fridge, kettle and an umbrella. 

If you choose the shared room, you will share these facilities with one other student. In this last case, you will occupied a twin bed room and have of course your own bed. 

Food is important as it’s what keeping us functioning. We choose what we eat but sometimes we loose track and it can be hard in our busy world to take care of ourselves. What you eat affects your body and your mind in different way. If you choose the full pension package, Green Garden Restaurant will provide you 3 meals a day of healthy local food. The Restaurant is located just at the front of the shala. 

You will have the choice between:

– A package not including food to have the freedom to eat wherever you want

– A package including breakfast only or full pension to save you some times between classes (meat/fish, vegan and vegetarian options).



What is a 300-Hour Teacher Training?

Students and teachers who are serious about yoga and who crave more knowledge will often decide to pursue education beyond their 200hour teacher training. There are a variety of different areas and styles you can train in as continuing education, but in order to qualify as a 300-hour, the content needs to be “advanced”. That means that it goes beyond what information would be covered in a 200hour, entry-level training. Therefore, a 300-hour training is not just 1.5 times the training hours, it is an entirely advanced training; from advanced asana, pranayama and meditation techniques, to exploring advanced philosophy, methods of teaching, anatomy, and hands-on adjustments. A 300-hour training will enable you to list yourself as a 500hour teacher, the highest level that is actually recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Why should I choose Yoga Bliss’ 300-hour Teacher Training?

What makes this training different than the rest? We put unparalleled emphasis on helping each individual student succeed. Instead of providing the exact same curriculum and path for all students, we spend a great deal of time supporting you on your own individual journey; in helping you to discover and hone what makes you unique so that you may stand out as a Yoga teacher and develop a dedicated student base. Right from the very first week you will have one-on-one time with our teachers so that you can explore and develop in the areas that you are most drawn toward or want to grow in.

Can I take this training if I hold a 200-Hour degree from another yoga school?

Absolutely! Regardless of what style(s) you have trained in before, as long as you have completed a 200hr training, Yoga Bliss welcomes you to our 300hour advanced program. Our teachers have trained in a variety of different styles and lineages, and so they are well-equipped to support you in whatever style of Yoga you wish to teach. If you did not complete your 200hour with Yoga Bliss, you will need to complete our online anatomy course prior to attending. Pre-training access to our anatomy course is covered by your tuition fees, if you’d like lifetime access there will be an additional fee.

What is the base level of knowledge required for this 300-Hour Training?

Most 200-Hour programs cover the same foundational topics, including some Yogic philosophy, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, and a focus on at least one Yoga style (ie Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, or Yin Yoga). The anatomy taught in most 200hour trainings is largely insufficient, especially considering that the majority of students end up teaching asana, which is of course a physical practice. If you completed your 200hour training with a school other than Yoga Bliss, you will be required to complete our online anatomy course prior to attending this training to ensure your anatomy knowledge is up-to-date. Pre-training access to our anatomy course is covered by your tuition fees, if you’d like lifetime access there will be an additional fee.

What are the requirements for registering as a 500hr teacher?

This course fulfils 270 of the 300 hours required in order to attain your certification and thus register with Yoga Alliance as a 500hr teacher. If you are already a 200RYT with the Yoga Alliance, upon receiving your certificate you may upgrade your registration with the Yoga Alliance to a 500RYT. The additional 30 hours will be a project that is required to be submitted and will be assessed in order for you to receive your certificate. We will provide you the project guidelines at the beginning of your course, so you can choose to work on it throughout and complete it during the training, or submit it after you’ve left. There is no time limit.

Can I take this course for personal reasons or just to deepen my yogic knowledge?

Of course! Fulfilling the above requirements are if you would like to register yourself as a 500RYT with Yoga Alliance. You may choose to forego or delay certification and simply enjoy this deep, enriching experience.

Keep in mind that Yoga Alliance is a business, they are simply a registry that is optional for Yoga teachers to pay to join. Yoga Alliance is not sanctioned by any local, state, or federal government. Paying Yoga Alliance to be listed in their registry is not a requirement to get insurance or to be legally allowed to teach Yoga.

Can this YTT help me create an online yoga course or teach online?

Absolutely! We are passionate about giving you the tools that YOU need in order to succeed on your path. If your path is creating courses or teaching online, we will give you support in following your own journey. Our teachers have created multiple, successful online courses, and taught both public and private online classes as well. Because our focus is on helping students at an individual level, we can support you in whatever areas that you need in order to find your own success.

I have read everything and I am still unsure, is there someone I can talk to face-to-face?

We understand how difficult the decision to embark on this journey can be, we are committed to supporting all students in any way that we can. If you after reading through these FAQs and our PDF you still have questions but prefer to speak to a live person, click here and submit a request to have a free chat with us.

Let us know if you have any further questions by emailing us directly at