30Hour Yin YTTC

Welcome to our online Yin Yoga teacher training.

This Yin Yoga course will support you in finding the balance between Yin and Yang both on and off the mat. It offers all of the benefits of online instruction: convenience, flexibility, and economical — without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings. A course that is completely focused on meeting students where they are at, while providing you with all of the tools necessary to offer the same in your teaching

You’ll emerge with an extensive knowledge of Yin Yoga and its philosophy, the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pranayama techniques to support your Yin Yoga practice,  accompanying meditation practices and much more!

This course is 100% online and self paced

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Upon completion of this course you will be able to confidently guide students of all levels and abilities through a full Yin Yoga class.  You will be able to sequence and plan a variety of classes based on the ancient theories embedded in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

This 30 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course is led by one of our senior teachers, Lisa Nelson (E-RYT 500 & YACEP). Once you have completed the course, and if you are a registered yoga teacher, you may apply these hours towards the Yoga Alliance’s continuing education requirements.

Our intention is to properly train students to become strong, confident, and knowledgeable teachers, thus this program is designed to provide information and training that not only meets, but exceeds all standards set by any “alliance”.



During this 30-hour Yin Yoga YTTC, you will learn:

– The history and principles of Yin Yoga

– Yin vs. Restorative Yoga

– Theory of Yin & Yang

– Eastern anatomy principles 

–  Meridian Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

– Taosit five elements

– Physiological responses to a Yin Yoga practice

– Pranayama techniques to support a Yin practice

– Over 25 Yin Yoga postures

– How to adapt each pose for different bodies

– Suggested length of time to hold each pose

– Studio props as well as alternatives for a home-based practice 

– When and if adjustments are appropriate

– A variety of sequencing options  

– Integrating Yin Yoga into your daily life

– How to incorporate meditation into your Yin practice/teaching


Yoga Teachers who wish to offer Yin Yoga classes

Anyone who loves Yin Yoga and is interested in learning more about the practice
Experienced yoga instructors who are looking for new information and enhancing their teaching skill-set
New instructors looking for guidance and support

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Welcome to this online Yin Training! My name is Lisa.

I have more than a decade of combined practice and teaching experience. I was initially drawn to yoga through the physical practice of asana and began my yoga journey with Vinyasa, Power and more of the flow style classes. But as I deepened my practice, I discovered that I was in need of balancing my Yin and Yang energies. This prompted a deep dive into more mindful practices such as Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation and pranayama.

One of my most fundamental beliefs is that as a teacher, we are first and foremost a student. This belief has led me to complete several teacher trainings across a variety of categories and styles, and I continues to train as much and as often as I can. Many of my trainings have been done online, and at any given time I have at least one that I am working on.

I am so excited to share my passion for yin with you, and look forward to being a part of your journey.

Dancer & Yoga Teacher
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I am so glad to have taken this online Yin TTC with YogaBliss while we are not able to travel at the moment! Through this Yin YTTC, I am able to deepen my understanding of Yin yoga and know that it is as essential as all other kinds of yoga to our overall well-being. I’m so grateful to have learnt from my teacher Lisa again. Lisa’s soft, clear and soothing voice is a highlight in this course! It was a special experience to study on an online platform. And I love the fact that I was able to do the course in my own pace and able to revisit any of the videos in the course anytime! It was a very comprehensive course including pranayama, meditation and asanas. I enjoyed the online classes that’s provided in the course very much!
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I chose to take an online Yin training, to get deeper into the Yin concepts and learn more about it. It was a great idea! First of all Online training means choosing your own time to study, and being able to go over different aspect of the subjects more than once. Teachers are always available for questioning and are very supportive even though the distance. For me it was a great life changing experience during an hard time as quarantine was! Of course the experience of being in Bali to do the training is hardly replaceable.But online training is a great choice if you are not able just to travel there and it get you a great taste of what a TT is! I was super satisfied, I learnd so much more, and it make me fell connected to great community that Yoga is!