20-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to our online Restorative Yoga Training.

Restorative yoga is a practice in and of itself for people of all ages, at all levels of yoga experience, and in all states of health. This healing yoga practice benefits every types of body, reduces stress and soothe the sympathetic nervous system. It gives time and space to your body so it can restore itself. 

In this virtual training, you will learn straightforward techniques to practice and teach Restorative Yoga safely, Pranayama & Meditation techniques, how to set up and sequence classes. In this time of uncertainty, it is essential to learn self-care tools for ourselves and for others.

This course is 100% online!

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In our culture of constant activity and distraction everything seems to accelerate and we find ourselves over stimulated and constantly trying to catch up and keep pace.  In this training you will learn how to work with your nervous system and breath to decelerate, slow down and discover spaciousness and stillness within. It is by experiencing this relaxation state first that you will be able to guide your students into a similar experience.

This is a gentle and supportive style of Yoga that uses various props to support the body. When the body is fully supported, it will naturally relax, releasing deeply held tensions. Restorative yoga is the Art of non-doing, and focuses on effortlessness and ease, using well-placed blankets, bolsters, yoga straps, and chairs to safely support the body in various postures. This process invokes a natural state of balance, regeneration, and deep rest.

It is a soothing, nurturing and slow paced practice that promotes the healing effects of rest. This is especially helpful for insomnia, depression, stress, low back pain, anxiety etc. In this training inspired by the teaching of Judith Hanson Lasater, you will learn straightforward techniques to practice and teach Restorative Yoga.

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After completing this course you will be able to teach Restorative yoga classes for all bodies and ages.  You will also be able to integrate restorative poses into other styles of classes, introduce prop-usage techniques, design practice sessions with respect to each different body type and to be able to assist safely students during their practice.

This 20 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course is led by our senior teacher Gwendoline Ferreira (E-RYT500 & YACEP). Once the course completed, and if you are a 200hour Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, you will  gain 20 continuing education credits.

In order to continue growing as a teacher, all Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) must complete 30 hours of Continuing Education every 3 years.


During this 20-hour Restorative Yoga YTTC, you will learn:

– What is Restorative Yoga?

– Why do we practice it?

–  How to practice and teach Restorative Yoga?

– The benefits of Restorative yoga on the mind and the body

– The Restorative postures and their variations

– The use of props to support the body

– 5 Guided Meditation sessions

– Pranayama techniques

– Language and touch

– How to set up and teach the 5 variations of savasana

– Using studio props as well as alternatives for a home-based practice 

– How to deepen the Restorative experience

– Optimising the environment

– Setting-up a Restorative class

– Sequencing the Restorative yoga practice

– Integrating Restorative yoga postures into other yoga classes

– 2 videos led classes with demonstration

– 3 self-practice classes


• Those who wish to learn how to create Restorative yoga sequences

• Those believing in the power of relaxation

• Those wishing to learn how to practice Restorative Yoga 

• Those who wants to integrate Restorative poses into more active practices

Special 25% discount until June 1st: 4.000.0000 IDR Now 3.000.000 IDR

Welcome to this online Restorative Training! My name is Gwen.

After competing more than 10 years in divers sports up to World Championships I have found myself experiencing more and more injuries. I took my first Yoga class 15 years ago while looking for a change from my usual work-out and I feel that this is in general how a lot of us came into the yoga practice.

After practicing yang styles such as Vinyasa or Ashtanga for many years, I had the honour to study Restorative Yoga with Lizzie Lasater, her mom Judith Hanson Lasater and Cindy Lee. This practice have taught me so much that I since share it with passion to every student that is interested in it.

I feel it is a privileged to be a yoga facilitator and to be able to share this amazing practice of Yoga. We don’t always have the chance to travel away from home to deepen our studies and I hope that by sharing knowledge online more of you will be able to dive deep into the beautiful practice of Restorative Yoga.

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I have finished the 20hour online restorative course with YogaBliss Lembongan and I am very pleased with how the training was set up. The proces of the course is very clear and easy accessable as well as being well informative and challenging in the learning process. I like the freedom of participation and that you can do the course in your own rythm and time. It is very nice that we have life long acces to the course, so that we can always go back and read/watch/study again. I feel ready and equiped to teach restorative yoga. Thank you, YogaBliss. Namaste M

When does the course begin and end?

One of the greatest benefits of this online training is that you can begin and end it as it suits you. If you follow the timeline provided, you can finish the course in just a few days! This course is already fully available online. 

Do I need to a be a yoga teacher to take this course?

Not at all! While you do need to be a 200hr certified teacher in order to teach Yoga, this course is open to everyone who may be looking to learn more about Restorative Yoga, how to practice it and how to teach it.

Will this course certify me to be a yoga instructor?

While this is not a 200hr teacher training, you will receive 20hour of credit toward your 200hour certification with Yoga Bliss. If you are already a yoga teacher, you will receive 20 continuing education credits. In light of COVID-19, Yoga Alliance made a temporary provision to allow its schools to offer contact hours in a virtual format from March 13 until June 30. These hours will count as contact hours towards Yoga Alliance if you are registered with them until this date.

Are exams required for course completion?

If you would like to receive the CE credits there will be a final assignment due at the end of the course.   If you are a just taking the course for your personal journey, or are not registered with any Yoga Alliance, then you do not need to complete the final assignment.

Is this Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes, registered yoga teachers can submit this course to the Yoga Alliance to fulfill their continuing education requirement. If you are registered with the Yoga Alliance you must complete 30 hours of yoga related training every three years. 

How much does the course cost?

The regular price of the course is 4.000.000 IDR. Note that there are no refunds for this training.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! If you sign-up for our 100hour or 200hour course can enrol with a special payment plan to pay in 2 or 4 times without interest. Once you have made your first payment, you will have a complete access to our first module.

Refund Policy

We value integrity and believe students should honor commitments made. There will be no refunds for this transaction, please make sure you are ready to commit to this training prior to enrolling.

Are the modules and lessons available for download?

The instructional videos can only be watched within the course itself, and you will have lifetime access to all of the material. There will be some downloadable PDFs, some audios lessons and workbooks throughout the course.

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course, including any content added in the future.


Let us know if you have any further questions by emailing us directly at yogablisslembongan@gmail.com