Zero Plastic Lembongan

Zero Plastic Lembongan is an EDUCATIONAL initiative to:
  • shift people’s mindset around consumption, to encourage reduction in plastic use by giving INFORMATION through the promotion of CAMPAIGNS
  • promote ACTIONS and ALTERNATIVES TO PLASTIC, directed towards businesses, tourists and locals to reduce, separate and recycle the plastic waste on our islands and ocean.
  • Contribute to keep a clean and green island and a zero plastic ocean.
From May 2018 as a mission, Zero Plastic Lembongan is designing a global project and promoting initiatives and solutions on several areas against the plastic waste, by educating and giving information to people and TAKING ACTION, spreading an ECO KARMA CULTURE instead of the current century PLASTIC CULTURE. We need to awake the love for Mother Nature. We need to venerate, to worship our Mother Earth, our Oceans that feed us and care for us, and to remember that what we do to Mother Nature will return to us.
Yoga Bliss Lembongan is proud to support local and global action led by Zero Plastic Lembongan
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