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How To Reach Your Income Goal

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I cannot believe what I went through the first few years of growing a yoga business. I never knew what to, what to offer next and how to create any sense of flow in my yoga offerings. I did not have an income goal and did not realise that not knowing what I wanted to create was the root of not making a living from teaching yoga.

You know that right now, having some income that you can control, that is not dependent on your location or boss... is a priority.


Don't worry, I got you! In this Masterclass, I will walk you through exactly what to do and what to create so you can get started today!

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How To Reach Your Income Goal

You love teaching yoga and you want to share this practice with more people. You feel excited about serving and growing your community and want to make a living from your passion but are stuck on HOW to actually do that. 

I’ve got you. Trust me, I know. I've been there, so I'm sharing my step-by-step secrets with you in this Masterclass.

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