Elevate Your Yoga Career

Learn how to grow your community online, create yoga offerings that your students love and master the art of selling with authenticity.

A Yoga Career With Infinite Possibilities

You are here because:

  • You want to grow your audience, make a bigger impact and create online yoga offerings
  • You know that teaching 15+ yoga classes per week is not sustainable and profitable
  • You are ready to grow your impact and income
  • You want to learn a method that is made for yoga teachers by yoga teachers to build a business that is aligned with your values
  • You feel overwhelmed with tech and wish to have help and support to learn the skills needed to expand your business online
  • You want an expert and someone you can trust to tell you not only what to do but also how to do it
  • You want to create multiple offerings from private sessions or group programs, memberships, retreats or even online courses. All to help and support your student.

Expanding online as a yoga teacher is not easy
But it is simple if you apply these 3 strategies


Grow your expertise - Change your mindset - Create your brand


Community growth - Magnetic content - Attraction system


Offer creation - Structure yogic services - Launch Strategy

What You Will Get Access to Inside Elevate Your Yoga Career

Within 9 super-comprehensive modules, you will get step-by-step video trainings on…


— Structuring your business and offers
— How to grow your community and sell with authenticity

And of course complete access to resources that will help you accomplish ALL of the above + Weekly Calls so you never feel stuck or overwhelmed.

Organize & Structure

Overhaul your entire business structure for maximum growth and success.


Be ready to create multiple offerings to serve your students at different levels while getting the income you desire.

Increase your impact, audience and revenue

You will gain a thorough understanding of how to grow a community, structure your offers and sell with ease.

Ready For The Ride?





This program is for you if...

  • You want to leverage the online world to get more freedom.
  • You know you want to offer more than online or studio drop-in classes. You want to create multiple offers to meet your students where they are at.
  • Instead of investing in another yoga training, this time, you are ready to invest in a program to learn how to share everything you have learned so far.
  • You do not want to run from class to class, teaching 5 classes daily to make a living.
  • You no longer want to waste your time testing free strategies you found on the web and are ready to follow an effective system to grow your dream business.
  • You are committed to doing the work!

I am Gwen, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Mentor and Business strategist.

I help committed yoga teachers turn their ideas into a real and profitable online yoga business so you can offer more than 1 thing to your students.

I have created dozens of in-person and online yoga courses + retreats and spent the last 6 years growing a now very successful yoga business in person in Bali AND online.

I believe that a successful business requires a blend of strategy with structure, clear messaging and passion.

I pride myself on teaching you to master the practical (& profitable) application of strategy.

Imagine if...

You have an easy system and step-by-step method to help you establish your brand and build a strong community.




Your social media posts and newsletter do not take days to create and are a reflection of your core values, your message and your mission.




You are the go-to expert your niche comes to see to ask questions, and you receive messages telling you that you are already helping them so much.



You can grow your business and make the income you need without working 10 hours/day.




You feel confident and clear about your career as a yoga teacher and ditch the imposter syndrome.




You have 100% support and guidance from an experienced yoga teacher that has built a successful online and in-person yoga business.



50-Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit

What Others Are Saying

” I joined this program to help me elevate my yoga business and reach more people with my offerings. I love the fact this program is self-paced and Gwen is accessible to advice and support when needed also, Gwen makes time to review and comment on homework which I find very helpful. I feel I’m receiving real personal support.

I’ve taken a couple of yoga business courses and viewed others, and none so far seemed as comprehensive, organized, and appealing as this one. Thank you!“


– Adrianne

"As a new yoga teacher, I was so overwhelmed. But Elevate 6-Month Mentorship helped me to break everything down into smaller manageable pieces to help me stay successful.


I found my niche and with a better focus on my goals was able to reach them without floundering.


By breaking everything down, I was able to have the business side organized, so I could focus on what I really wanted, which was finding people in my niche.


Finding my niche was also really key for me, it's what I'm passionate about, and giving myself the permission to be hyper-focused on one thing is okay! I don't have to teach it all, but finding the students that align with what I do was a wonderful experience."


- Rachael

Elevate your yoga career is THE missing piece!

If you feel like you have been stuck and thinking about your next step is just too overwhelming, you found your tribe! Gwen and the whole community will be there with you every step to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it! 


You will get 1:1 time with Gwen EVERY week for 6 full months, which will catapult your business.

This is not a course with hundreds of other yoga teachers!

In this course, you will receive 1:1 support and truly have a full tribe of people having your back and helping you reach your goal.

Our only goal is to see you succeed!

Are you curious to know what exactly you are getting, when signing up?

Lifetime Access to Our 9 Modules


Everything will be available to you to rewatch when you need it.


The 9 modules are our proven step-by-step method to create and sell out your offers!


This includes Masterclasses, Workshops, Templates, Email Sequences, SWIPE copies, Content Calendars etc. 


All ready for you to use!


You can even access all the past coaching sessions (over 80)!

6-month Weekly Coaching Calls


Whatever you have done until now just made you even more ready for what is coming!


You realise you cannot do it by yourself, so it is time to get an expert who has built a successful business online and in person to tell you exactly what works and what does not.


+ yes, you will get direct feedback on EVERYTHING you need


We have weekly checkups so we can decide what you have to do next week and tell you exactly how to do it!

Private Community
Of Yoga Teachers


You will get access to our very small private community of committed women yoga teachers.


In this safe space, you will find your accountability buddy and support from other teachers going through the same steps as you.


And you get guidance and support from our experts on how to use social media, manage your time every week, and so much more.


Everything you need is here!

Did you say Bonus?!

And of course, we have plenty of Bonuses as the course is always improving! Here are a few of the many bonuses you can find in the program:

  • - Headline Templates For ALL Your Posts + Emails
  • - Masterclass + Template ” Create Your 6-month Content Calendar.”
  • - Email Sequence For Your Freebie
  • - Masterclass ” Create Your Own Workshop” + Template
  • - Masterclass ” How To Track Your Leads” + Excel Sheet Ready To Use!
  • - Masterclass + Template ” The Only DM Script You Will Ever Need.”
  • - Sacred Sales Training For Yoga Teachers + Step-By-Step Method + Script
  • - Engage With Purpose Online Course – To know my exact strategy to grow my group from 200 to over 2000 members in just 6 months
And so much more!

Doors are open!

Get All Your Questions Answered




Upon purchase, you will be emailed login access to your Elevate 6-month program dashboard. This hosts all modules, resources, and spreadsheets. In this same email, you will get access to our private community and the link to join your first coaching call. 



To fit all the timezone, we have two weekly calls. Currently, calls are on Monday at 8 am Bali time and 3 pm Bali time.




All the calls are recorded. You can ask questions at any time during the week for quick answers. For longer feedback, you can submit your question before the live call for Gwen to answer it live.





Gwen will check the Support group daily, M-Fr, for any pending questions that need her attention and will provide an answer within 24-48 hours. We also have a chat, only for the current students, where you can ask questions at any time, 24/7. Not only will she be answering your Q’s but she’ll be hosting bi-weekly Live sessions.





Yes! Because the offers you want to create are unique and very different from any other type of service, this course is only for yoga teachers.





We suggest committing a minimum of 5 hours weekly to this program.



You will get access to everything as soon as you purchase the program.


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