Ashtanga and Mysore style

These classes are dedicated to the practice of traditional Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009).

Asana Practice – Mysore Style and Led Classes

Asana practice is healing, strengthening and purifying – a perfect antidote to the modern lifestyle which can cause so much physical and mental stress. Yoga can alleviate many common ailments such as headaches, insomnia, back pain… It also purifies the body of toxins, increases vitality and brings greater mental peace and clarity.
Ashtanga Yoga is taught according to two methods – Mysore Style and Led Classes.
 Mysore Style
Mysore style is the traditional way yoga practice has been taught since ancient times. In this approach, each student develops a practice which is suited to his or her individual needs and goals under the guidance of the teacher.
Although the sequences of postures are used as a blueprint for developing a practice, the way it is unfolded or applied for each student is unique. Students have different body types, lifestyles and work environments – a yoga practice is developed with these and other factors in mind.
Mysore style yoga is ideal for complete beginners and experienced students.

Ashtanga led Classes

Led Classes present the series in a more familiar format – instead of learning the sequence gradually, little by little.
In the Led Class, every movement and every breath of the sequence is guided by the teacher. The students in the class move and breathe together in unison whereas in the Mysore class, the students move and breathe independently of each other.


The word “Vinyasa” means “breath-synchronised movement” and is a fluid, creative asana sequence, with an emphasis on mindful breathing and awareness. The practice will vary from day to day but will include both dynamic & restful phases.

Yoga for surfers

Yoga and surfing go together like sand and saltwater. Both disciplines tap into a natural flow. Yoga gets you in touch with the rhythm of your breath and body, while surfing gets you in sync with the wave patterns and ocean tides.
Practicing yoga on flat surf days can keep you in great shape until the next big swell. And when there are good surf days, yoga can stretch your body out after a session, helping to avoid neck, shoulder, and back stiffness. Active poses build strength and flexibility while balancing poses will sharpen your focus and concentration on the board.

Chakra balancing

In yogic tradition, the human body has 7 energy centres called chakras. When these energy centres are healthy and open, we are open physically and emotionally. But when they are blocked through injury, illness, or disconnection from others, we are blocked from being our best selves.

During this unique sequence we will go through different poses that open and balance the chakras.

Private classes

Ask our instructor for a private class


Drop-in class 100 000 Rp

5 classes card 450 000 Rp

10 classes card 700 000 Rp

1 week unlimited 700 000 Rp

Private classes: 350 000 Rp

KITAS prices: – 50%

Locals: 25 000 Rp